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Hengte Wheel Excavator Appears at the 2024 Jinan International Construction Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Chain Expo
Release Date:2024-06-28 word size

On June 26-28, the 2024 Jinan International Construction Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Chain Expo, with the theme of "creating new international vitality and trade momentum", was grandly held at the Jinan Yellow River International Convention and Exhibition Center.12.jpg

The Yellow River Exhibition aims to build an international service platform for the entire industry chain of construction machinery and manufacturing in northern China, covering upstream and downstream industry chains such as construction machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, commercial vehicles, emergency and rescue engineering equipment, construction machinery spare parts and supporting service providers.1.jpg

Shandong Di Meng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. showcased eight types of engineering machinery equipment, including wheeled excavators: HT215W wheel excavators, HT185W three section arm wheel excavators, HT160W wheel excavators, HT125W-G mechanical walking wheel excavators, HT75W wheel excavators, mini excavators: HT35G, excavator loaders: HT4CX-WZ, self-propelled concrete mixer trucks: HT3500, showcasing the strength and style of Hengte Intelligent Manufacturing, attracting many customers to stop and consult, fully demonstrating Di Meng Heavy Industry's unique expertise and significant advantages in the field of engineering machinery.2.jpg

This exhibition focuses on the dynamic market of international trade in the Eurasian plate of the the Belt and Road, especially for countries with strong demand for construction machinery in the northern the Belt and Road such as Russia, the five Central Asian countries and Mongolia. At the exhibition site, numerous domestic and foreign engineering machinery professionals visited the Hengte Wheel Excavator exhibition hall to visit, negotiate and consult. Hengte Wheel Excavator has won unanimous recognition and praise from the on-site audience due to its strength, flexibility, and practicality.3.jpg

With the advancement of internationalization, Hengte Lundao is continuously enhancing its brand influence with superior performance products and high-quality and efficient services, showcasing the hardcore strength of Chinese construction machinery to the world!